About us

Protoact Services is East-India's fastest growing IT Services company offering wide range of Technology Solutions including Domain Registration, Website Hosting, Website Development, Bulk Email Marketing, Bulk SMS Solutions, Search Engine Optimization, Hardware and Network Services, Security Systems Installation and Maintenance, IT Manpower Solutions and Corporate Technical Training.

Protoact Services has been providing Windows and Linux website hosting services since 2011 .Our Website hosting packages includes both for Small & Medium Enterprises and Large scale Industries.With over 100 Websites hosted on our Servers we have been first choice for the hosting needs for an Individual or an Organization.


We are a fully integrated Internet Technology and Marketing Consultancy Firm offering wide range of world wide web services to generate a refreshing web experience in an organized manner.We Specialize in Website Designing and Development, Bulk Email Marketing, SEO and Hardware and Network Services.

We want to establish enduring relationships with our clients. Partnering with you and/or your firm means caring about your long-term success. It means being there when you have a problem several months after the project is done. It means knowing enough to make insightful suggestions that will work for you.